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Real homemade pokepuffs! by Ruko000Yokune
Real homemade pokepuffs!
Yeah so I'm still alive, I'm planing to do a binge upload soon. Maybe I'll get it out by the first week of November.

the pokepuffs were a failed attempt,most of them sank, I salvaged the ones enjoy!Rainbow Sheep #2 
I AM THEE POKEMASTER! by Ruko000Yokune
Sooooo.... soon after breaking my promise of daily uploads, hear i am never the less undetoured!

and i kinda got into playing my dad's old game boy color, so yeah. I've been playing red for like 6 months strait!
Seven buckets in love ==>Cronus
(Cronus Ampora x reader)

(y/n) your name
(L/n) last name
(H/l) hair length
(H/c) hair color
(E/c) eye color
(N/n) nick name

A pack of cigarets, white and labeled in violet,
'Ya got me svweet's!' You giggle a little, already guessing of a troll
who put it in.
"Ahhh! Cronus~! Get up h33r!" Nepeta squealed as she saw the ornament.
You turn and see a familiar white and violet shirt. You had a major
flush crush on the flirtatious Aquarius. Ever sense you and Meenah
became friends, you had to deal with Cronus's flirting and spying.
Even though you were denying the fact that you were flushed for him,
you always liked hanging out and talking to him. Listening to his
music was your favorite part of the day, hearing him play his guitar
filled you with so many emotions. From happy and joyful, to sad and
hurt. You even liked to hear his cheesy pick up lines, gog he was just
too dorky with them.
"Ey (n/n) ya feelen Ok? You'wve been spacen out." Cronus leaned
forward ruffling your hair. You snap out of your memory bubble and
look up at him. His milky eyes held concern as his eyebrow quirked up
at you, an unlit cigaret dangled between his thin, pale, black lips.
"Ehehe sorry Cro, I'm just getting in to the clouds recently."
Embarrassment clearly shown through your mask of apology. Cronus only
gave a sharp toothed smirk, igniting his clear eyes with a spark of
"That's not the only thing your gonna be getten into doll." He
effortlessly flirted. You feel your face burn hotter, if that's even
possible. You turtle your neck down between your shoulders, trying to
hide your blush. Ampora smiled and tasseled your hair even more.
"Come on ampurra mew two don't have all day! >:((" You hear Nepeta
wine out behind you. Cro flicked his eyes at her then back at you.
"Ok fine pussycat, after you (n/n)." Cronus rolled his eyes, then
bowed and opened the closet door sarcastically. Nep hissed at Cronus
as you walked past her to the doors.
"Get in there ampurra, MEOW!" Nepeta yelled deviously, jumping and
pushing Cronus in harshly.
"GYAHHHH!!!" You shout at Cro fell on your back nocking the wind out
of you. You groan out, paralyzed from lack of oxygen. Rolling around
you laid on your back, looking up at the violet blood. He was pinned,
that was easy enough to see, his feet were flat against the door and
his horns grazed the wall before him. Cro's hands were
on ether side of your shoulders propping him up, one of his knees over
your side while the other was between your legs. Fire consumed your
face as you looked up into the purple bloods, violet orbs.
"Aaahhhh s-sooo Cro, how you do'in!?" You asked, your voice
Obviously nerves, and cracking.
"Vwhale, there's a party in my pants and your invited." Cronus sly fully countered bombing his face closer.
'Oh gong he's so close! Just tell him now and let it be done!'
You opened your mouth to speak but no words escaped, you just opened and closed your mouth like a fish.
The plum blood cocked his head to the side and smirked.
You reach your hands up to Cro's face and feel his face warm with a blush. You smile faintly up at him, gog he is pretty cute right now. You
lifted your head up and slowly met his lips. He shuddered at the
connection then quickly responded by kissing you back. Skillfully syncing you lips together you prop yourself up on one elbow. Your sloppy make out turned into a slow French kiss. Cro quickly started kissing your jaw line and down to your neck. Little mews and moans escaped your throat. Your moans drove Cro crazy, making him abuse your neck and collarbone. Your hands wandered over his chest and torso, feeling his rough abs.
"C-Cro! Wait!" You stutter as his hand wandered upward past your ribs. Cronus broke the kiss and his hand froze, looking cautiously at your face. You panted looking at him,
"I-I want you to know! I'm flushed for you!" You finally admit screwing your eyes shut. Cro didn't say anything, after a while you hear him chuckle.
"Glad to hear you feel the same babe!" Cro clucked in your ear he sat up and looked down at you. You prop yourself up on your hands and look at him.
You smile and kiss his lips gently.
"Heh can vwe continue?" Cronus asked in a sly voice. You look at him in childish disbelief.
"Hey dinner and show first bub!" You retort.
The violet blood laughed a bit before kissing your cheek and neck.
"Matesprit?" He asks.
"Matesprits!" You chirp pulling him in for a hug.
Suddenly you and Cro were blinded by bright white. You and Cronus both hissed out at your unexpected interruption.
Dave, Nepeta, and Eridan all stood at the closet door. Nepeta squealed
when she saw you in cro's arms.
"Eeeeeeeeiiiiiii!!! This ship has sailed!!!!! X33" she fan girled out
a little more then ran off.
Eridan had a look of hurt on his face.
"Wwell then Cro I'll leavve you and your newwest matesprit alowwn then." Eridan bluntly stated. Tuning he stormed away.
"Hey!!! Wvhats that suppose to mean!?" Cro shouted from the closet.
"If you guys don't *hic* mind you're time is up." Dave slurred holding
himself up by the door frame. You look at Cronus, he smiled. He stood
up and helped you to your feet. You hear trolls whistling and Ooh-ing at you as you walked out. You turtle your neck down between your shoulders again as you fallow Cro out of the apartment.
"H-hey where are we going!?" You whine out to Cro.
"A dinner and a show remember?" Cro half heartedly replayed giving you a wink. And faintly in the background you could hear Egderp yelling his head off at Dave.

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Seven buckets in love (Cronus Ampora x reader)
Oh my god this needed to be up soooooo long ago!
 I regret every ting! 
Please let me have internet back!:crying: rvmp rainbow cry Tears of joy 2 
We all have that moment... by Ruko000Yokune
We all have that moment...

yeah so i was dinging around on my computer when i recovered this really old jem.
Guess whats up! I'm back! I may be pathetic but im proud! and starting Monday ill be uploading on a daily basis. they all wont be colored but ill try at least every other week day + fanFic whenever they get done.

For all you homestuck fan's
it'll get complicated in this order
Seven buckets in love, AAAAAAAAll of them.

Violet Pirate, hopefully going on 6 parts!!pewdiepie gasp "shocking right?"

And maybe even a full blown story on the ancestors, lets see how my 'imagination' Spongebob (Imagination) plays out!


Ruko Yokune
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I started to take my manga drawing seriously when I was nine when I try to draw character from Inuyasha. For about a year of so I just drew anime pics from slide show to songs. then I started to draw people I knew with animal ears, and that trend just stuck. And at about twelve I decided to make my own characters, so I just doodled down looks and added names, and improved on that. Now I try to take tips for professional artists and work on 3D MMD stuff, but still draw with only pencil and paper, only editing them on a computer. :3

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